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Packing for Swim Meets

Swimmer Pack List

  • LT Swimsuit
  • LT Swim cap
  • At least one pair of goggles (2 pair preferred in case one breaks)
  • Towels: At least 1 towel for warm-up, 1-2 towels for morning meets or 1 towel for each event your child is swimming at evening meets
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothes/Coverup to wear between events if preferred
  • Healthy Snacks 
  • Water bottles
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Entertainment: Be prepared to sit around for several hours. Staying awake and alert will help you swim faster, so bring whatever keeps you happily entertained: something to read, pens and paper for coloring, your iPod, board games, or all of the above. NOTE: items may get wet.  Label everything with your swimmer's name. 

Parent Pack List

  • Sharpie (to write your child's name, event #, heat #, position on his/her back shoulder before the meet if you didn't do it the night before). DO NOT put sunscreen on before body marking, or the body marking will smear all over the place.
  • Money - Most hosting teams run swim meet concessions. Any profits go to support their team
  • Snacks/Lunch
  • Sunglasses and/or a hat
  • A portable chair
  • More sunscreen
  • Entertainment
  • Camera
  • Good cheering voice. Swimmers can hear in the water. The louder the crowd, the more exciting their swim!
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